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Get up and Make Up

By Linda 1 years ago No comments

Jan 4, 2018 2:41:06 AM

I love makeup.

Though we make lingerie (a fancy word for underwear), do not really expect I work in environment that are luxe by any means. My office locates in industrial district (again, don’t assume Samantha’s kind of trending meat packing district) where you see dusty trucks day in day out with smoggy scenery. Most of the time, I neighbor with 6 foot high of carton boxes stuffed with bras and panties. Puma sneakers are in harmony better than Ferragamo. I always joke about being a “Devil in Uniqlo”.

In such setting, it’s simply too tempting to give up on dressing up as dressing down makes more senses. Sometimes staring at the computer screen, I daydream and relive the time when I worked in big corporate firm, hearing my heels clicking on marble floors with well-tailored pant suit…oh, good old days….

I always love makeup but not as an adherent as I am now. Before I only wore for special days or when I felt happy. One day, when battling with my on-off depressive mood, I came across a Vlogger on YouTube, Serein Wu, a young lady who has dealt with depression and found dressing herself up, she regained the strength to deal with life and more. Since then, makeup has been the breakfast I feed my soul every morning to go through what’s God has planned for me for the day.

Many times we need something to remind ourselves of who we are, no matter how circumstances may change. To me, putting on makeup is probably the only stance I have been holding onto dearly. I wear makeup to factory, I wear makeup to lift and pack, I wear makeup when it’s 40C, I wear makeup when it rains, I wear makeup riding a bike, and I wear makeup when I was sick. When I am not in the mood, I would purposely put on a bright red lipstick.

Life is not easy and most of the time beyond our control, but I am hanging on by putting colors on and reminding myself, I am ok.